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Yes to 'Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe'
The food and drink industry has a key role to play in moving towards a more sustainable use of renewable resources.  The industry therefore welcomes the recognition within the Commission’s Communication of the role Europe's food manufacturers play in responding to global challenges such as human health; mitigating the effects of climate change; helping to preserve natural resources and ensuring the highest standards of food safety and food security in Europe.

Encouraging innovation is central to bolstering the competitiveness of Europe’s food industry both at home and worldwide. The current EU framework creates a number of bottlenecks to innovation for food operators, for example, lengthy lead-times for companies seeking to bring new products and processes to market for Europe’s 500 million consumers, which, in turn hinders investment in R&D by manufacturers.

In particular, food manufacturers welcome the three aspects identified in the Communication, and will continue to work with stakeholders (via the European Technology Platform (ETP) Food for Life, for example) to encourage the uptake of innovative technologies and processes for Europe’s bioeconomy. As Europe’s first manufacturing industry, accounting for over 274,000 companies (99.1% of which are SMEs) and employing over 4 million people directly, food operators want to see the creation of an environment in which the sector can flourish, creating jobs and opportunities in these difficult economic times.
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